I- We and our commitment:

Talentástico, Lda, is a company, formed in the form of a limited liability company, and hereinafter referred to as ROOM SERVICE, which is dedicated to the weaving of cotton-type yarn, Manufacture of made-up textile articles, except clothing and printing. Bearing in mind the proportionality and adequacy imposed by the ability to allocate resources and technical means at its disposal, ROOM SERVICE is deeply and genuinely committed and committed to providing protection to its customers and employees, regular or occasional, as well as users of our services. various supports and platforms, physical or digital, mainly paper dossiers, digital files and website in use or to be implemented, with regard to your privacy and the treatment and circulation of your personal data.

II- Our collection devices and personal data carriers in use:

We have, edit and manage the following personal data processing media • Computer system composed of a set of software solutions supported on a set of hardware devices and other similar solutions, including email services and other external digital repositories and communication solutions. • Paper files stored in cabinets and bookcases in restricted access rooms;

III- Personal and material scope of this Privacy Policy: This privacy policy obliges the company exclusively with regard to the personal data it collects, processes and circulates. Equal or similar policy will also be assumed, by contractual agreement entered into with ROOM SERVICE, by the entities that treat these same personal data on its behalf. The provision of other access links to other websites outside of ROOM SERVICE through the aforementioned ROOM SERVICE website is made in good faith and in the interest of the user, which cannot be held responsible, in any way, for the collection, treatment and destination data on those Websites, nor for the reliability, accuracy, legality and features available there, therefore, this privacy policy is not applicable to them. ROOM SERVICE considers it mandatory and will assume for all purposes, without the possibility of proof to the contrary, that it will read the privacy policies of all the websites to which it accesses.

IV- The reason for being and the publication of this Privacy Policy:

In addition to implementing it in its organizational processes, ROOM SERVICE drafted this Privacy Policy in order to make available, make known and publicize an instrument explaining the general rules of privacy and treatment of personal data it collects, always in strict compliance with the Relevant legislation. For this purpose, the text of this privacy policy will be available on paper support posted in a visible place and in digital support on the website www.roomservice.pt. The provisions of this Privacy Policy complement the stipulated in the same matter in contracts, formal or informal. , which the target parties celebrate with ROOM SERVICE. We ask that you please read this Privacy Policy carefully, as making your personal data available, either in person or when accessing the Website, implies that you know and accept the conditions contained herein and their treatment for the purposes lawful and legitimate. ROOM SERVICE expressly reserves the right, at all times, to change this privacy policy, the result of which is duly publicized by the same means.

V- Concept of personal data:

Personal data means any information or record, of any nature and regardless of its support or format, namely sound, image, writing, chirograph or characteristic, relating to the identified or identifiable natural person. A person who is able to be directly or indirectly identified by reference to one or more specific personal data, considered in isolation or combined with each other, in particular their physical, physiological, psychological, economic, ethnic, cultural, geographical, social or your location.

VI- The entity responsible for the processing of personal data:

The entity responsible for the collection and processing of personal data is ROOM SERVICE, which, in the context of the relationships it maintains with the holder of personal data, establishes, always on a lawful and legitimate basis, what data is collected, the means of processing and the purposes collection and treatment.

VII- Types of personal data collected and processed:

Within the scope of its activity, ROOM SERVICE collects and processes, namely: 1. Personal data necessary to supply products to its customers, treating in this scope data such as name, tax identification number, address, telephone number and address email among others